fight for your LEARNER

Getting together to learn and work should be awesome.

Evolution has fundamentally shaped you into a learning machine, a creature honed by millennia to manage flows of data, filter, interpret, and come up with useful stories that you can share with machines that are almost just like you, but just different enough to take what you share and mess with it in some really interesting, sometimes frightening, and often deeply gorgeous ways.

More than opposable thumbs, our ability to learn defines us. Our brains light up when we are learning from experiences and each other - so why does so much of today's learning suck? "Fight For Your Learner" is the idea that you and your community deserve experiences that are social, fun, and effective. Lectures, slide decks, or corny icebreakers - the tools our experiences frequently rely on are broken, misused, or abused.

I've spent years reaching and experimenting with the best ways to help people learn - from offices to the outdoors, nonprofits to corporate to government. Conferences? Training sessions? Meetings? Events? Let's work together to make it something people actually want to participate in. We all have a natural learner inside of us. Fight for yours. 

Case studies available upon request - or see Work & Impact page