Expedition Work

This is how we evolved to learn - together, out in the wild, facing down challenges and eating good food!

500 days

That's the time I've spent camping professionally - and counting! I teach and travel by backpacking, skiing, kayaking, canoeing, biking, and more. I entered the outdoor industry at 14 running programs at the Arlington Outdoor Lab, and have since run camps, retreats, and expeditions around the country.  

Through my 501c3, BOAT, I can offer the full suite of services I normally make available in an outdoor context. Proceeds will benefit our work to make the outdoors more accessible. That means coaching, leadership development, retreats - all from the comfort (we promise it can be comfortable!) of tents, backpacks, canoes, and more. We have contacts all over the country and would love to support your next program. 

What can I do?

With outdoor program contacts all over the country, I can plan an expedition for you, provide support on research ventures, or incorporate our consulting services with outdoor expeditions all over the country. 


I have a Wilderness First Responder - a standard 80-hour wilderness medicine course, am a Leave No Trace Master (and have served as a state advocate for Colorado), and have a Level 1 Avalanche Awareness certification. Additionally, I've spoken at the Wilderness Risk Management Conference, the Associated for Experiential Education, and other industry conferences. All programs permitted, insured, and certified per state regulations.

Where can I go?

I've guided all over the US & Canada - with specific expertise in the PNW, Great Lakes, Florida, and the West - we'll go where you want, and my program partners have the capacity to deliver programs nationwide!

Services offered:

  • Expedition planning
  • Menu planning
  • Travel consultations
  • Permitting support
  • Gear & kit advice
  • Outdoor skills training
  • Outdoor leadership trainings

Many Ways

I see outdoor spaces as an experience, not just a destination. Sometimes the wilderness is a classroom, and we use it to generate transformative learning experiences. Sometimes wild spaces are a playground, and we use them to rediscover how to he playful, curious, and creative. And sometimes it's just a fun place to go camping - that's OK too.

As your guide, I'll work with you to think through intention & strategy we can bring into wild spaces. That will enable us to design the experiences that matter


By Land

Backcountry, off-trail expeditions with full packs, good food, and isolated views. These are rugged, intense, and good for small groups seeking deep connection. 

By River

Gentle ebbs and swift flows, in a vessel designed for teamwork. More social, less physical - these are relaxed, playful, and allow many people to travel in style and comfort. 

By Road

Cross America's landscapes in a custom-build adventure-mobile for groups, via my non-profit org www.theBOATbus.com. This can serve many people in many diverse ways!