Hey, I'm Micah.

I'm the fella behind this website. I'm a coach, guide, entrepreneur, (former) scientist, (future) curmudgeonly old man, and fervently Midwestern. A few odd decisions early in my career have resulted in a fairly unconventional life. I've been employed to stalk wolves on isolated islands, started urban farms, been struck by lightning, started two companies, and founded youth programs that could rival "Lord of the Flies" (with better outcomes). I've lived in cars, boats, tents, hammocks and - once, in the face of a week-long sandstorm - a cave. But I've also done the regular work: office jobs, textbook sales, and far too much time at boring conferences and workshops.

While I got my start in on-the-ground environmental work, I was privileged to have mentors who quickly helped me understand the world runs because of what I affectionately refer to as “messy human stuff.” Relationships, conflict, communication, meeting (or not) needs, storytelling - these things shape our lives at work, and home, and in between. Every experience, organization, and community is driven by human interaction - so I've made it my work to make those interactions healthier and happier. 

The good news is that it turns out that covers a lot of ground: guiding, coaching, leadership education, learning experience design, people operations - the list keeps going. The flexibility of this work also opens up less conventional doors. I’ve had opportunities to live in remote rural communities, dense urban centers, and to work across cultures, regions, and norms. Non-profits, for-profits, government entities, research labs, startups, and religious groups have all hired me. I have been humbled to see how many different people live and work; it is a stark reminder that while there are best practices, there are no silver bullet solutions. It's also given me an incredible network of mentors to draw on - diversity and mentorship is the secret sauce behind my work. 

In 2017, I had the opportunity to join Andy Yang's Venture for America, and shifted full-time into the startup space. I've spent the last 3 years managing culture, L&D, D&I, and various operational challenges for Guild Education. And of course my fingers are still stuck in a few other pies - I run BOAT, a 501c3 dedicated to making the outdoors more accessible, and serve as a guide or instructor for outdoor programs throughout the year in addition to other community engagements.

While based in Denver, I'm a proud native of the Great Lakes region. My formative years were spent in the dunes of Leelanau, Michigan and biking the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I’ve lived in Vietnam, about two dozen states, and - for some reason - a lot of basements. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to see if I’m in your area, or if we might work together remotely - there’s always more room for making our communities healthier, happier, and more conscious of abundance!

...I also take a few photos along the way, and share them here for fun.